State Film Permits

Online Permit Application:Apply for your permit to shoot on state-owned property and track your permit status.

The California Film Commission (CFC) requires that all state permit applications must be submitted 4 business days / 96 hours (weekends and holidays are not considered business days) prior to the first prep/shoot day. Caltrans ramp and lane closuresrequire a minimum of at least twelve (12) business days in advance of prep/shoot; freeway closures require a minimum of sixteen (16) business days. Thank you for your cooperation.

Monitor Payments and Permit Issuance: The California Film Commission cannot issue permits until all estimated monitor fees and other cost recovery payments have been received by the permit staff. This rule applies to all permit requests without exception.

Insurance Requirements: In addition to a certificate of insurance evidencing General Liability, Automobile Liability and Workers Compensation coverage, the CFC requires an additional insured endorsement (on a separate document). If a drone (UAS) is being used, additional proof of aerial coverage must be provided by the drone operator. And if a company has no employees, a Workers Compensation waiver letter must be submitted. Click here for details, and note that failure to submit accurate insurance documents may delay the processing of your permit.

State Permit and Monitor Fees

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General Guidelines to Filming on State PropertyState film permits are easily obtained by following the guidelines in this factsheet.

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