The California Film Commissiondoes notissue film permits for the California Court system. The state's judicial branch is responsible for management of courthouses and other judicial facilities in California and administers a program for the licensing of civic and other uses of courthouses, including film, TV, commercial and digitalproduction.

This guide will assist filmmakers seeking information on how to approach the Judicial Council of California via a local Court Administrator when inquiring about the use of Superior Courts in all 58 counties throughout the state.

Application: Requests to(film) in an open or closed courthouse or on courthouse property are made by application.

The completed application must include:

  • Title and subject matter of the film project
  • Description of scenes to be shot

  • Proposed areas to shoot interior and exterior scenes, such as, courtrooms, lobby, courthouse steps, etc.

  • Dates and times for each day of production

  • Use of Special equipment or props

  • Facilities services required, e.g., minimum electrical requirements, additional air conditioning, etc.

Applications must be submitted to the local court administrator no less than thirty (30) business days prior to filming.*

In addition, Proof of Insurance must be submitted before the application can be approved.

An initial estimate of fees will be provided during the application review process. These fees may vary on a case-by-case basis.

Links to all Appellate and Superior Court Websites in

For information on where to submit your application, click here.

To view various local county Superior Court facilities throughout California displayed in CinemaScout, theCFC online film location library, click here.


**No filming allowedat any active LASC locations,including requests forcamera positions.

Filming is now allowed atseveralclosed courthouses.

To view photos of the Long Beach, Whittier and West Los Angeles Superior Courthouses and courtrooms displayed in CinemaScout,click here.

For information on closed LASC courthouses contact:

Theresa Dunn, Senior Estate Analyst

Office of Real Estate and Facilities Management

Judicial and Court Admin Services Division

Judicial Council of California - Administrative Offices of the Courts

818.558.1245 Phone / 818.558.3114 Fax

Depending on the closed courthouse requested, the production crew may be responsible for removing and storing file boxes and documentation left behind that the court has not yet been able to remove.


To inquire about filming at court locations in Los Angeles County permitted by FilmL.A., Inc., the Los Angeles Film Office, visit and call to speak with a Production Planning team member at 213.977.8600.

Lynwood Superior Court- Closed Divisions 14, 15 adn 16 - adjacent to the Century Regional Detention Facility - CRDF

San Pedro City HallMunicipal Building - ClosedJail and Courtrooms


Dorsey High School

James Monroe High School


LAUSD Property Management, FilmL.A., Inc.

213.977.8600 x 618

CinemaScoutalso displays court facility matches and decommissioned courts now held by private sector entities.Start typing the word "courts" in the category field and search by proximity.

Thank you for your interest in shooting on location at a California courthouse.