What is the 30-Mile Studio Zone?

It is a 30 mile radius used by union film projects to determine per diem rates and driving distances for crew members.

The center of the studio zone is located at the southeast corner of Beverly and La Cienega in Los Angeles California. More than 90 cities and parts of three counties including Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura counties fall within the 30-mile studio zone.

30-Mile Studio Zone Map - Interactive

30-Mile Studio Zone Map - Traditional

The zone chart is used as an organizational tool for disseminating contact information about the hundreds of City, County, State and Federal government offices issuing permits to both union and non-union film projects shooting in the Los Angeles metropolitan region of Southern California.

30-Mile Studio Zone Permit Offices Chart Instructions(pdf)

30-Mile Studio Zone Permit Offices Chart(pdf)

30-Mile Studio Zone Chart - Comparison of Extended-Hour Filming Requirements(pdf)

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